Golden (5.0% ABV)

goldGolden is a traditional English Pale Ale. It is golden in color (hence the name), with a medium maltiness and body that intertwine with the hop character. There is a medium bitterness and aroma, with a distinctly Americanized flavor. The overall impression is of a golden session beer, medium maltiness and just enough hop character to back it up. Look for it every couple of years.

Ctrl-Alt-Del (5.2% ABV)

ctraltdelAltbier is like the Rush of beers: it’s a great style that doesn’t receive nearly enough airplay. It’s basically the German version of the brown ale. This is a moderately bitter amber beer, although the Noble hops used provide a nice, subtle aroma. You won’t find it anywhere else in the area. Expect to see it around Oktoberfest.

Strong Ale (8.9% ABV)

strongThe Strong Ale is a type of English Old Ale, typically aged for at least a decade before being served. The ale is pale golden, although not as light as its obvious cousin, the Belgian Tripel. This beer is vastly more bitter than our Double Hop IPA and our Mega IPA, making it our bitterest ale. This bitterness is offset by the sweetness of the beer, and the distinct finish. The robust flavorings have been well-rounded and the result is a very mellow beer with an absolutely incredible amount of flavor. We only tap a keg of this ale a year, typically in March.

Swimmin’ Cow (5.5% ABV)

cowThe British Rye Cream is an esoteric style, quite unique in Britain. It’s made with rye, and as its name suggests, the result is a creamy, smooth beer. The Swimmin’ Cow is amber-brown in color, with a fair bit of maltiness and a moderate body. The rye character comes out, with a definite creaminess and a hint of grain. The beer is moderately bitter, with a little hop flavor and medium aroma. The finish is very creamy, with a foamy, crisp head due to nitrogenation. Expect to see it in late summer or early fall.

Dacker (6.2% ABV)

dackerDacker is a heavily-modified Scotch ale that morphed into a completely different style after four generations of being brewed in the Adirondacks. At present, it is similar to a Scotch ale, with a stronger hop presence and correspondingly less maltiness. A very flavorful beer with definite subtle points.

It’ll teach you something new every time you take a drink.

Sagamore (5.9% ABV)

sagamoreSagamore – Our Sagamore ale is a passport to another time. Glass in hand you’ll be transported to days of yore on Green Island. The buzz of now is diffused by the allure of summer nights with Lake George lapping at your feet and the greatest challenge being whether to don flip flops for dinner or throw back another Sagamore Ale.

Scotch Ale (8.3% ABV)

scotOur Scotch Ale is more technically called a Strong Scotch Ale, and it doesn’t fail to live up to its name. There is a profusion of maltiness, with a heavy body and full flavor. This is a very sweet ale, full of malty goodness without any sense of being cloying. The hop profile is very slight, with little bitterness, flavor or aroma. Definitely a big beer, the overall impression is of a very sweet, malty beer with little hop flavor.

This is a favorite among wine drinkers, with its sweet profile and high alcohol content.

Oatmeal Stout (4.5% ABV)

oatThe stout is traditionally a strong version of the porter, an older style. The stout is pitch black, with dark, roasted flavors with some chocolate thrown in. This is a rich beer which manages to maintain the characteristic oatmeal stout smoothness. The overall profile of this beer is of a rich, smooth stout, full of subtle undertones.

Brown (4.3% ABV)

brnA very traditional British brown ale. It has a distinctive brown color and has moderate maltiness and a medium body. At 4.3% ABV, and its unassuming flavor, this is a definite session beer. The overall impression is of a sweet, moderately malty mild ale.

Irish Red Ale (5.0% ABV)

redThe Irish Red has a distinct reddish tinge with a medium body and a sweet maltiness. The hop flavor is potent, using aromatic British hops, although it doesn’t rise to the level of an IPA. Another session beer, this is for those who want a nice flavorful beer with a supple hop zest, without rising to the thundering flavor of the IPA.