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Luck is Relative

We do things a little differently here, whether it’s the brewing of our beer or the way we offer to make things right (Ask us about our beer guarantee). This year we are celebrating 13 years in business, which to some people might be something you should just get through rather than call attention to it.

We say sing it from the rooftops, bring on the black cats, sidewalk cracks and ladders. Ringing in 13 years is a proud feat, particularly as we look back through the years.

When we started this restaurant we knew very little about brewing and were not yet worthy of the title restaurateur  (we still aren’t, being uncomfortable as we are with pronouncing words derived from French, though we do love our Québécois patrons!).

We had an idea and were determined to make it work. The streets weren’t bustling and our compatriots in downtown Glens Falls could be counted on one hand, but little by little our knowledge and neighbors grew.

Standing in Exchange Street Plaza today the landscape of Glens Falls is more than we could have ever hoped for and to be celebrating 13 years with the rich community of shops and eateries is nothing short of  amazing.